SGI XFS Overview & Internals
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Day 1: Overview
01 Background
02 Overview
03 Buildlab
04 mkfs
05 Mountlab
06 Allocatorslab
07 Ext. Attributeslab
08 Quotaslab
Day 2: Internals
09 Internals
XFS Filesystem Structure
10 QAlab
Day 3: Repair
11 Repairlab
12 Triage
13 Monitoring
Day 4: Backup
14 Dump & Restorelab
15 DMAPIlab
16 Volume Managers
SGI InfiniteStorage Systems
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
  Overview of XFS including definitions of main components and how to create, mount and use an XFS filesystem.   Detailed look into the implementation of XFS in the kernel and its ondisk format.   A look at the tools that can be used to repair and triage an XFS filesystem.   Examine other tools including XFS dump and restore, and DMAPI.  
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