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CPU overhead when handling large files?

Originally, I installed RedHat7.2 + SGI XFS 1.0.2.
I now have fully updated RedHat7.2 + SGI XFS 1.2pre5 (rebuilt kernel RPM
to be installed on RedHat 7.x).
For current seup, I'm wondering if the following behavior is normal;
When handling large files, for example, copying a few 700MB files from
one directory to another, at some point in the middle of the process or
at the end of it, the process hangs for several minutes taking up 99% of
A friend of mine told me it might take some time to rewrite inodes as
it's a journaling file system, but I don't remember the XFS acted this
way before when I was using 1.0.2 of it. And 1.1 for that matter...
I'd appreciate any input. Thank you.
Have a nice weekend.