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Re: xfsdump max file size

Jason Joines wrote:

> What's the maximum file size for a file to be dumped by xfsdump? 

xfsdump doesn't (really) have a maximum file size limitation.  There is 
a maximum file size defined in xfsdump/dump/content.c but it is set to 
the largest theoretical file size, 18 million terabytes.  The definition 
is defined in bytes:

/* max "unsigned long long int"
#define ULONGLONG_MAX   18446744073709551615LLU

Obviously this maximum limit is impossible to hit, which is why I say 
xfsdump doesn't have a max file size limit.  You should be able to dump 
the biggest possible file you can create.

There is, however,  a command line option (-z) to set a maximum file 
size for your dump.  This option allows you to specify a maximum file 
size, in kilobytes.   Files over this size will be excluded from the dump.

Mandy Kirkconnell
SGI, Storage Software Engineer