Open Source
SGI ProPack™ 3 for Linux®

The SGI ProPack for Linux product includes capabilities and performance improvements ideal for enabling technical and creative users to solve their big compute and data problems by using the Linux operating system and Itanium processors.

A significant portion of the SGI ProPack product is comprised of SGI code that has been released to the open source community and changes to packages that are already available as open source. The SGI ProPack pages on make the GPL/LGPL portions of the SGI ProPack product available for download.

Here is a brief list of some of the available packages:

  • kernel-2.4.21: The Linux kernel (the core of the Linux operating system)
  • kernel26-sn2-2.6.4: Linux 2.6.4 Evaluation kernel for Altix systems
  • CpuMemSets-0.8: CpuMemSets processor and memory placement utilities
  • csa-2.0.0: Comprehensive System Accounting
  • job-1.3.3: Commands, init scripts, and PAM module for using Linux Jobs
  • lkcdutils-4.1: Linux Kernel Crash Dump utilities
  • pcp-2.3.2-10: System-level performance monitoring and performance management.
  • pfmon-2.0: performance monitoring tool for Linux/ia64
  • sgi-misc-oss-1.0: Miscellaneous Open Source SGI Release Components
  • xfsdump-2.2.17-1: Administrative utilities for the XFS filesystem.
  • xfsprogs-2.6.4-1: Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem.
  • xscsitools-1.1: A set of tools for SCSI Disks accessed under the SGI XSCSI subsystem.
  • Updates to SGI Advanced Linux Environment 3 and SGI ProPack
  • and more...

To download the RPMS and SRPMS for GPL/LGPL code that ships as part of the SGI ProPack 3 product, click on the Download link in the menu to the left.