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Rhino news

Here's what's going on with Rhino, followed by a list of things that have happened (which is pretty short, at the moment). If you'd like to help, take a look at what we're doing.

The return of mkrhinoism!

Roger Chickering's mkrhinoism example code generator is back in Rhino version 1.3.5. You are only minutes away from mkrhinoism fun!

  1. Install sysadm_base-mkrhinoism (and its dependencies... all right, this part is less fun than the other steps below.)
  2. Run mkrhinoism.
  3. cd to the directory where you told mkrhinoism to generate a customized example source tree, and run ./makeme.
  4. Install the RPM packages you just built. (If you're not using RPM, never fear; just change the "make rpm" part of the script to "make && make install".)
  5. Run your new example program! If you chose "squidmgr" as your ISM abbreviation, your program is probably /usr/local/bin/squidmgrtask or /usr/local/bin/squidmgrview.
  6. All right, this is the optional super-secret triple fun step. Edit the code and make it do something useful.

And in fact, here's a screen capture (26K) of several windows from the ever-popular Beer Manager, thoughtfully generated by mkrhinoism.

If you have any trouble, send mail to the mailing list.

Server-side API documentation!

We're now using kdoc to generate API documentation for the C/C++ code which runs on the server. So far the conversion has been pretty automatic (a couple of quick perl scripts to convert // comments to /** comments */ where appropriate), so we're not really taking much advantage of it yet, but you can see that even without much effort, the results are pretty nice.

Hopefully Soon-To-Be-News

See the TODO list for a more complete list of known bugs to fix and new features to add, but here are a couple of the main things which we'd like to do soon (other than fixing bugs):

  • Put SSH support back in. Rhino used to support SSH for communication between the client & server (so that you didn't have to send your password over an unencrypted connection), but we had to remove that for export compliance. It would be nice to put this back. Also, rogerc had some good feedback on this.
  • Privilege manager/mkrhinoism tutorial. Now that we have mkrhinoism, it would be fun to write a tutorial showing the steps from raw mkrhinoism output to something useful, like a Privilege Manager. It would be a pretty simple tutorial, and the end result would be a useful tool.


If you'd like this list of news to be longer, come help us make some.

2000/11/14 Rhino 1.3.7 released. This just has a couple of minor new things to support the FailSafe GUI. The ChangeLog.
2000/9/18 Rhino 1.3.6 released! This just has a few bug fixes, but they're bug fixes that matter. The ChangeLog.
2000/9/10 Rhino 1.3.5 released! Hey, it's got more than just mkrhinoism; it's got a bunch of bug fixes & other improvements. Here's the long & boring ChangeLog.
2000/8/18 Rhino-based FailSafe GUI demo'd at Linux FailSafe Symposium. All goes well, and Rusty doesn't have to fall back on plan B (pouring a glass of water on his pants & running out of the building).
2000/8/8 Linux FailSafe released. It uses a Rhino-based GUI for administering high-availability clusters.
2000/8/7 Rhino 1.3.4 released, and these delightful pages first appear on
2000/7/13 Rhino 1.3.3 released with the SystemImager GUI.