Open Source
Running the open-source Rhino on IRIX

Rhino ships with IRIX 6.5; Rhino applications on IRIX include the FailSafe Manager and the CXFS Manager. You can configure the open-source version of Rhino to install in the same place as the version which ships with IRIX 6.5 (or have two versions, and fiddle with the sgi_sysadm entry in inetd.conf), but bear in mind that the open-source version of Rhino is virtually untested on IRIX and is not supported by SGI's support organization. If you try the open-source version on your IRIX box and run into problems, contact the Rhino mailing list. ("We're your friends. We're not like the others.") Eventually the open-source version will replace the version which ships with IRIX, but until it does, it's not formally supported.

(Also, since tcpmux is built into inetd on IRIX, any commands run by "make install" which attempt to modify tcpmux.conf will fail.)