Open Source

Rhino is an infrastructure for building applications that configure, manage, and monitor hardware and software. Rhino provides a common, consistent, task-based, internationalized graphical user interface (GUI), with built-in command-line interfaces (CLIs) that system administrators can use to write scripts. Rhino applications consist of two parts:

  • Client-side GUI in Java. The GUI runs on any platform that has a Java virtual machine, and it doesn't run as root or do setuid root. It can enable the user to perform a single task; it can provide an organized collection of tasks (with a built-in search mechanism); and it can include GUIs for monitoring the system.
  • Server-side daemon and command-line interfaces. These can be written in C++ so Java doesn't have to run on the server being administered.

See the FAQ for more detailed information on Rhino, and News for information on what kind of work is being done with Rhino. It's pretty big, and can benefit from a wide range of skills.