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Documentation for Rhino

Here is some of the documentation which is available for Rhino.

  • The current ChangeLog shows what changes have gone into each release, and the INSTALL and INSTALL.rpm files have installation instructions.
  • The Rhino tutorials are included with the source (and in the sysadm_base-dev-doc package, both available here). You can also download the tutorials as a single tarball (764K). Note that the tutorials haven't been updated since mkrhinoism started using autoconf & automake, so they don't reflect that change.
  • The Rhino API documentation (client side generated by javadoc, server side generated by kdoc) are part of the sysadm_base-dev-doc package, available here. You can also download the API documentation as a single tarball (431K).
  • Man pages for various commands are included with the source. Below are links to online versions of the IRIX man pages; although paths to the executables and other files differ between the IRIX and open-source versions of the commands, the man pages are otherwise applicable.
    • sysadmd(1M) - system administration daemon
    • listclients(1M) - list sysadmd clients
    • Privilege administration commands
      • adddefpriv(1M) - add a default system administration privilege to the privilege database
      • addpriv(1M) - add a privilege to the system administration privilege database
      • addprivuser(1M) - give a user all system administration privileges
      • checkpriv(1M) - check to see if the current user is privileged
      • rmdefpriv(1M) - remove a default system administration privilege from the privilege database
      • rmpriv(1M) - remove a privilege from the privilege database
      • rmprivuser(1M) - remove a user's system administration privilegs
      • runpriv(1M) - run a privileged command
  • The sysadmd.conf.example distributed with the source (and the sysadm_base-server package) contains some useful comments.