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From: Greg Edwards (
Date: 03/06/2006 14:41:33


The eval version of Performer is just the same as the full version, you
just have to suffer the OpenGL Performer logo on the screen. So you
can learn and try everything with the eval version.

The VRML loader was dropped from Performer some while ago due to some
politcial/licence reason whuch I forget. There are various tools out
there to load VRML files and save them as other formats. Inventor is
the obvious choice. Try Cosmo 3D, SGI's old VRML browser, it's
around to download out there somewhere.

A great tool to convert 3D data is PolyTrans. Try an evaluation copy
of that.

Greg E


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Subject: [info-performer] Another newbie question

Apologies in advance for asking what I'm sure seem to be really dim

Rather than spend lots of money on Performer initially, I thought I'd
evaluate what can be done with the demo version (anyway I'm an academic
and have the usual money problems).

I wanted to import VRML 97 models into Performer, but it seems like the
VRML loader is not present in the evaluation version. We then tried
doing it via 3ds Max, but along the way, as often happens, the
textures have messed up. We can't edit the 3ds file as it is binary; we
can't easily load the textures directly into Performer because the
geometry has loaded as one entity. Any other ways around this problem
you much more experienced people could suggest?


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