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OpenGL Performer™ is a powerful and comprehensive programming interface for developers creating real-time visual simulation and other professional performance-oriented 3D graphics applications. The toolkit simplifies development of applications used for visual simulation, manufacturing, simulation-based design, virtual reality, scientific visualization, interactive entertainment, broadcast video, architectural walk-through, and computer aided design.

The latest major release, OpenGL Performer™ 3.1, is built atop the industry standard OpenGL® graphics library, interoperates with OpenGL Volumizer™, OpenGL Multipipe™ SDK, and OpenGL Vizserver™, includes both ANSI C and C++ bindings, and is available for the IRIX® operating system, Linux®, Windows® XP and Windows® 2000.

Quick FAQ:

What portions of OpenGL Performer are on this site?
The source code shipped within /usr/share/Performer/src/ in the OpenGL Performer 2.4 development distribution are on this site. This includes the Programmer's Guide examples, perfly, clipfly, asdfly, and other samples, as well as the utility libraries libpfdu, libpfui, libpfuiD, and libpfutil, and the file loaders contained within libpfdb.

Source code for libpf, libpr, man pages, data files, books, etc. are not on this site.

What are the licensing terms?

Is OpenGL Performer Open Source?
Technically, no. Only the OpenGL Performer samples and utility libraries are included here. Also, our license does not conform to clause 8 of the Open Source Definition.

Our intent is to provide easy developer access to the OpenGL Performer sample code. This allows our users to contribute their own material, and provides a mechanism for SGI to distribute new sample code and utility libraries outside of the normal OpenGL Performer release schedule.