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PAGG Install Notes

These are just a few notes to help you get going with PAGG and job containers. This is included from the README in the download directory:

Wed Sep 21 08:11:16 PDT 2005
Wed Sep 28 08:24:07 PDT 2005
PAGG/Process Aggregates is now konwn as pnotify/Process Notification.

The usage is similar.  Usage information and a section on new variable
names can be found in the pnotify docs after patching the kernel:

There are two versoins of Linux Job.  Both use pnotify.  One version 
interfaces with userland via a jobfs virtual filesystem mounted at 
/proc/job.  The job library does more of the lifting in this version.
This should be considered experimental.

The other version is the tried-and-true Job implementation.  It interfaces
with userland via ioctls on a file made available in /proc - /proc/job.
This version does more of the lifting in the kernel.  This version should
be considered stable.

old..........old pagg and job files
pnotify......New Process Notification implementation (formally pagg)
job..........job patch and userland pieces - stable version
job-test.....job patch and userland pieces - test jobfs version, other test vers
pnotify-test.test versions of pnotify patch