Open Source
Open|SpeedShop™ Source Access Information

The Open|SpeedShop product consists of an "OpenSpeedShop" cvs repository for the primary Open|SpeedShop code, including the framework and user interface,  and the "OpenSpeedShop_ROOT" cvs repository which includes supporting components which may, or may not, already be installed on the system.   Two supporting components, DPCL and Dyninst, must be installed from the OpenSpeedShop_ROOT repository.   These two components are not available anywhere else at this point.  They are provided in RPM and SRPM form.  

There are two ways to access the OpenSpeedShop  and OpenSpeedShop_ROOT code.

  • SGI Releases
    SGI provides a more stable release than the nightly cvs source tree.  These release(s) can be found in the download area.

  • CVS trees
    Direct CVS access to the most recent OpenSpeedShop changes. See below.

Using CVS trees

CVS for new users contains links to general CVS documentation.

Set the CVSROOT environment variable.

$ export CVSROOT=''
(for sh, bash, ksh, or similar shells)
$ setenv CVSROOT
(for csh or tcsh shells)

Login to the CVS server (this only needs to be done ONCE, not every time you access CVS).

$ cvs login
(the password is "cvs")

Now grab the OpenSpeedShop and OpenSpeedShop_ROOT source trees: 

$ cvs checkout OpenSpeedShop
$ cvs checkout OpenSpeedShop_ROOT

Subsequently, you can checkout new code using: 

$ cvs update -d

We recommend using these cvs options. You may place them in a .cvsrc file in your home directory: 
cvs -z5 -r -q
checkout -P
diff -N -u
update -d -P