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Open|SpeedShop™ for Linux®

Open|SpeedShop is a project co-funded by the Department of Energy (DOE), managed by the Tri-laboratories of LLNL, LANL, and Sandia, and developed by SGI. Open|SpeedShop utilizes dynamic instrumentation technology developed at the Universities of Wisconsin and Maryland.

Open|SpeedShop is an open source multi platform Linux performance tool which is initially targeted to support performance analysis of applications running on both single node and large scale IA64, IA32, EM64T, and AMD64 platforms. It is explicitly designed with usability in mind and targets both application and computer scientists.

Open|SpeedShop's base functionality includes metrics like exclusive and inclusive user time, MPI call tracing, and CPU hardware performance counter experiments. In addition, Open|SpeedShop is designed to be modular and easily extendable. It supports several levels of plugins which allow users to add their own performance experiments.

The infrastructure and base components of Open|SpeedShop are being released open source under GPL and LGPL.


  • Three modes of operation: batch, command line interface, and graphical user interface.
  • Multiple platform single system image (SSI), traditional cluster, and SGI super cluster support.
  • Support for large numbers of processes, threads, and ranks.
  • Ability for users to create their own experiments via a well defined plugin facility.
  • Ability to attach to running processes, threads, and ranks to gather performance data.
  • Ability to view performance data for all of application's lifetime or smaller time slices.
  • Ability to view performance data on demand (while the experiment is running).
  • Ability to save and restore performance experiment data and symbol information to do post experiment performance analysis.
  • Ability to compare performance results for processes, threads, ranks, or to compare current experiment results with previous experiment results.
  • GUI Wizard facility and context sensitive help to aid in tools usability. Multiple usability studies have been conducted.
  • CLI help facility which lists the CLI commands, syntax, and typical usage. Usability studies are underway.


Source Code Availability


Open|SpeedShop Milestones and Proposed Schedule

Six Open|SpeedShop experiments are provided with the initial open source release. The following table shows the experiment and the proposed delivery schedule:

PC Sampling delivered 1st Quarter 2005
User Time delivered 2nd Quarter 2005
Hardware Counter delivered 3rd Quarter 2005
MPI call tracing delivered 4th Quarter 2005
Input/Output tracing delivered 1st Quarter 2006
Floating Point Exception 2nd Quarter 2006

The official open source release 1.0 is scheduled for the second half of 2006.


Press Release

Read the Open|SpeedShop for Linux project announcement from October 20, 2004.


Fact Sheet

Read the Open|SpeedShop for Linux fact sheet (pdf).