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Command Line Interface Specification
Developer Beta Version : November 13, 2005

Table of Contents 

Open|SpeedShop Command Line Definitions

Definitions of Important Terms

Assumptions used in the Definition of the Commands

  1. There is a focused (default) experiment id available to subsequent commands.
  2. Our tool will not change the focus of the tool on an experiment. It can only be changed or set initially by the user. The one exception to this is when the experiment is created via the expCreate command the focus is set to this experiment.
  3. The user can change the focus at anytime via the expFocus command.
  4. Commands with no explicit experiment id refer to the currently focused experiment, e.g. the default experiment.
  5. There is no experiment context (default) until expCreate command is successfully completed.
  6. expCreate  with no application/collector defines an experiment and returns and experiment id. Collectors/precanned experiments can be added later. More application objects can also be added after the expCreate command is completed.

Invocation of Open|SpeedShop

The openss command supports several arguments. It is possible to define an initial experiment and to pipe in a file of commands that will be read. Arguments on the command line are processed first, to define any initial experiment; a piped in file is then read and comands in it are processed; if any interactive windows are requested, they are then opened and can provide additional commands to the Open|SS performance analysis tool.

Starting Open|SpeedShop

The Open|SS Commands

The basic functionality of the commands.

Summary of OpenSS Command Functionality

The detail meaning of each command.

Detailed OpenSS Command Definitions

The details of each command's sub-field.

Definition of Type, Status ...

A simple list of command with their syntax.

Summary List of OpenSS Commands

Example scenarios that show command usage and tool design flow

First the simple command list is presented, then a more detailed commentary with the commands is presented. Finally, an "under the hood" commentary is included with the commands to give the overall actions of the various parts of the Open|SpeedShop tool.

Example 1

This simple scenario will build an experiment that to run a.out and gather pc sampling information. It will then run the experiment, pause the experiment, change an argument to the experiment, continue the experiment, and finally display the results of the experiment.

Details of Example 1

Example 2

This simple scenario will intermingle the creation of experiments and loading of executables on host1, create several experiments for all executables and start the experiment running.

Details of Example 2

Example 3

This more complex scenario will insert and remove instrumentation at various times during execution of a program running on several hosts.

Details of Example 3