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Re: Locking model for NAPI drivers

To: "David S. Miller" <davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: Locking model for NAPI drivers
From: "Michael Chan" <mchan@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2005 12:56:52 -0700
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On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 14:34 -0700, Michael Chan wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-06-01 at 15:21 -0700, David S. Miller wrote:
> > Since the caller shuts down NAPI ->poll(), after setting the SYNC bit
> > we can just check the MAILBOX register, and if a '1' is there just
> > return.  Does one need to mask out the upper bits of the regiser in
> > order to avoid seeing the IRQ tag in such a comparison?
> > 
> No, just check for the value 1 since that's the value we use to disable
> interrupts. The value read back will always be 1 if 1 was previously
> written to it.
One more race condition:

CPU1                                 CPU2


This race condition is somewhat harmless but I think we need to take
care of it for correctness. Any simple ways to fix it?

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