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git repository for net drivers available

To: Netdev <netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: git repository for net drivers available
From: Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 23:08:47 -0400
Cc: Linux Kernel <linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Andrew Morton <akpm@xxxxxxxx>
Sender: netdev-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
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Although I have over 200 net driver patches to go through in my 'Pending' folder, I have fully converted the existing netdev-2.6 repository from BitKeeper to git. This includes the wireless-2.6 repository.


The main branch is fairly irrelevant, as you must choose the branch you wish:
[jgarzik@pretzel netdev-2.6]$ ls .git/branches/
8139cp         e1000        ixgb     r8169            skge           we18
8139too-iomap  forcedeth    janitor  register-netdev  smc91x         wifi
amd8111        ieee80211    orinoco  remove-drivers   smc91x-eeprom
e100           iff-running  ppp      sis900           starfire

For folks looking for a consolidated netdev-2.6 repository (hi Andrew), that does not exist yet. I will create an 'ALL' repository for this purpose, sometime soon.


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