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Re: [PATCH][NET] make all protos partially use sk_prot

To: Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo <acme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [PATCH][NET] make all protos partially use sk_prot
From: Marcel Holtmann <marcel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2005 17:31:53 +0100
Cc: "David S. Miller" <davem@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Network Development Mailing List <netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
In-reply-to: <1111854140.9195.199.camel@pegasus>
References: <20050326144516.GA21949@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> <1111854140.9195.199.camel@pegasus>
Sender: netdev-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Arnaldo,

> >     Here is an updated patch, taking, I hope, all of Marcel
> > considerations into account and also fixing a bug in proto_register,
> > I was returning on error without dropping the lock.
> the error path of some init function in the Bluetooth subsystem is still
> wrong. And I don't really like your way of using the labels, because
> this twists my brain too much. I fixed all of these and while we are at
> it, I cleaned up the init functions. Please use the attached patch
> instead of your changes to the Bluetooth subsystem.

oops, I forgot to include hci_sock.c into that patch. Here is a fixed



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