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Re: V2.4 policy router operates faster/better than V2.6

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Subject: Re: V2.4 policy router operates faster/better than V2.6
From: "Jeremy M. Guthrie" <jeremy.guthrie@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 21 Jan 2005 15:24:19 -0600
Cc: Robert Olsson <Robert.Olsson@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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On Friday 21 January 2005 09:23 am, Robert Olsson wrote:
> We have to understand the GC details to 100% confident. Some time to digest
> and a may reboot help.
> I also mentioned routing without the route hash. No spinning in route
> hash and no GC but we trade this for doing a fib lookup for every packet.
> Jamal and I started to play with this at last OLS but it's only tested
> in lab sofar.
I'd like to hold off on that right now.  Things are running pretty good right 
now.  I'm trying to get my hands on a 'test' system to run side-by-side with 
the production system.  We go live Feb 1 with our app so I need to start 
toning down some of the down time.

> For environments with small number of flows it's probably not a good idea
> Length of flows is of course also important. No idea about the result in
> your case.
> I have a patch:
> ftp:/
> If you feel very brave you can test this. The files to monitor is
> /proc/net/softnet_stat this verify the new packet path.
> With rtstat (tot) should show all routed packets. The rate in pps
> we are able to achieve.
I actually think I could have our other test system ready early next week.  
I'll let you know.  

Have a good weekend.


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