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Re: linux-2.6.9 eepro100 warning

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Subject: Re: linux-2.6.9 eepro100 warning
From: Seiichi Nakashima <nakasima@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 14:40:28 +0900
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I update a kernel's parameter from eepro100 to PRO/100.
linux-2.6.9 work fine.


>  [ ... ]
>> If there are e100 problems, report them to the maintainers so we can
>> get them resolved ASAP...
>  I got a very nice mail from Jesse Brandeburg saying pretty much the
>  same thing...  so, I've pushed kernels for around 75 boxen over to
>  e100 today, from eepro100.  I'm not _quite_ sure when I'll have the
>  chance to boot them all, but when they do, and if they have
>  problems, I'll report back.
>> P:      John Ronciak
>> M:      john.ronciak@xxxxxxxxx
>> P:      Ganesh Venkatesan
>> M:      ganesh.venkatesan@xxxxxxxxx
>> P:      Scott Feldman
>> M:      scott.feldman@xxxxxxxxx
>> W:
>> S:      Supported
>> (and of course netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx as well)
>  ack.
>Terje - still waiting to test hotswap SATA.   =)
  Seiichi Nakashima
  Email   nakasima@xxxxxxxxxxx

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