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[PATCH 3/3] prism54: add initial WPA work

To: Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx>, Netdev <netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx>, prism54-devel@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [PATCH 3/3] prism54: add initial WPA work
From: mcgrof@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Luis R. Rodriguez)
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 19:05:52 -0400
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Please note that this is the initial work to add WPA support for STAs
through wpa_supplicant. More work and patches to come soon to complete
this work.

2004-08-18      Luis R. Rodriguez <mcgrof@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

        Work based on initial patches from Jouni Malinen <jkmaline@xxxxxxxxx>

        Initial wpa_supplicant support work:

        * isl_ioctl.c (prism54_process_trap_helper): Start to use mlmeex,
        start doing what's right for
        DOT11_OID_ASSOCIATEEX, and

        * isl_ioctl.c: add temporary structure for wpa_supplicant requests,

        * isl_ioctl.c: add prism2_ioctl_set_encryption which can probably be 
removed later

        * isl_ioctl.c: add prism2_ioctl_set_generic_element (well tested)
        * isl_ioctl.c: add prism2_ioctl_mlme which should be unnecessary since 
        WE scan should be used by wpa_supplicant
        * isl_ioctl.c: add prism54_hostapd - this parses wpa_supplicant
        requests and does the right job for each

        * isl_ioctl.c (prism54_set_wpa): changed to not use mgt_set/mgt_commit
        as commit is unecessary. Added proper OID sets to enable/disable WPA.
        This is called by wpa_supplicant at startup. This should eventually
        be part of WE18.

        * isl_ioctl.c (prism54_ioctl): Links wpa_supplicant to prism54

        * isl_ioctl.h: defined prism54_set_wpa to allow prism54_hostapd to use

        * isl_oid.h: add struct obj_attachment for OID OID_TYPE_ATTACH

        * oid_mgt.c: map OID DOT11_OID_ATTACHMENT to struct obj_attachment

        * oid_mgt.c (mgt_le_to_cpu, mgt_cpu_to_le): handle endianness for

        * oid_mgt.c: add mgt_set_varlen, needed for mlmeex as it has a
        variable size field.

        * oid_mgt.c: add mgt_unlatch_all, this can be used to force a commit
        on OIDs:
        These OIDs are "latched". TODO: config mode handling.

        * oid_mgt.c (mgt_response_to_str): learn to parse OID_TYPE_ATTACH

        * oid_mgt.h: add mgt_set_varlen, and mgt_unlatch_all

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