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Re: [1/2] CARP implementation. HA master's failover.

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Subject: Re: [1/2] CARP implementation. HA master's failover.
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Date: 15 Jul 2004 13:24:45 -0400
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On Thu, 2004-07-15 at 12:59, Evgeniy Polyakov wrote:

> Userspace is too slow.
> It can only initiate master's failover, load balancing is a good example
> here - userspace _itself_ can not control real time traffic.

What is it that CARP does that couldnt be achieved by VRRP? 
VRRP is implemented in user space. As a user myself i can assure you
even with heartbeats at 100ms granularity i have seen no issues which
can be blamed on the fact it runs on user space. And i have used it in
fairly large setups.

> ct_sync module does this.
> It uses connection tracking and sends firewall state across slaves.
> CARP is separate by design - anyone may "attach" to master/slave
> failover.

Can you explain a little more what you mean by "attching" to
I hope you are not saying that that this ct_sync thing sends 
every piece of connection tracking state across. That would be a
collosal waste.

> > This is an example of a rich application and further justification for
> > it to live in user space.
> If it will live in userspace, it just can not control realtime traffic
> and even provide some mechanism to achive this.

What do you mean realtime traffic?
Is it something that can be achieved by qos prioritization?

> > It is valuable, just doesnt belong to the kernel.
> > BTW, i saw some claim that this is patent-free as opposed to VRRP?
> > I do hope it takes off.  What exactly is the patent issue that was at
> > stake? I couldnt tell from the song lyrics ;->
> :) Cisco + hsrp == vrrp, but the former is patented.
> Here is quote from Ryan McBride, an author of the CARP:
> * P.S. If anyone has concerns about the Cisco's patent #5,473,599 and
> how their claim that it applies to VRRP has forced us to design our own
> incompatible protocol, don't talk to us. Instead, call Cisco's lawyer at
> 408-525-9706, or email him: rbarr@xxxxxxxxx *

In the end CISCO is going to be the loser in this of because 
something like CARP will take off and it cant talk to them. At the
moment though they do have the market so interoping with them is

> > One valuable thing that could be done is while still avoiding any patent
> > issues make it interop with VRRP.
> VRRP is not secure, it is protocol dependent, it is not free...

I was talking more from a deployment side rather than technology.
The gentleman who now owns the VRRP daemon in Linux, Alexander Cassen, i
believe had a chat with this Cisco lawyer and if my understanding is
correct the main contention is CISCO is worried some idiot will sue them
by writting a similar patent i.e the patent was not to have something to
impose on other people rather a protection.  I could be wrong.
BTW, I am still not sure what the differences are that make CARP
patent-free. In other words, I wouldnt bet at this point that if someone
wanted to go after you for HSRP patent infrigement that it would be
impossible. In any case i fully support the effort.

BTW, I thought you could make VRRP secure.


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