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Re: asymmetry with MSG_DONTWAIT in sendmsg() and recvmsg()

To: Andries Brouwer <Andries.Brouwer@xxxxxx>
Subject: Re: asymmetry with MSG_DONTWAIT in sendmsg() and recvmsg()
From: Chris Friesen <cfriesen@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 14:33:19 -0400
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Andries Brouwer wrote:
Can you find the man-pages-1.67 package and construct a concrete patch?

(Don't know precisely what you want to do. The above gives a filename, which would be recv.2 in my sources. But there is no MSG_NOSIGNAL
in recv.2, only in send.2. The fragment of text that you give occurs
already in recv.2.)

Sorry, the filenames have no meaning since I wasn't working from the package, but from the output of the "man" command.

Working from the webpage at:

There is mention of MSG_DONTWAIT when discussing the "msg_flags" field in "struct msghdr". It contains exactly the text proposed. However, the msg_flags field is set on *return* of the call. Every other flag discussed there "indicates" something. The blurb for MSG_DONTWAIT says that it "enables" a behaviour, which doesn't make sense for a field set on call return.

There is no mention of MSG_DONTWAIT when discussing the "flags" parameter of the recv/recvfrom/recvmsg call.

Generally, I want to move the current blob from the "msg_flags" area to the "flags" area, and then add a different discussion for "msg_flags" if appropriate (I'm not sure about that part).

Do you still want me to generate an actual patch against man-pages-1.67, or is that description enough?


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