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Submission #3 for S2io 10GbE driver

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Subject: Submission #3 for S2io 10GbE driver
From: "Leonid Grossman" <leonid.grossman@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 28 Feb 2004 07:08:11 -0800
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Hi all,
Attached is a patch file for the driver that addresses (hopefully :-))
all the comments we received for the submission #2. 
As always, thanks for everybody who took the time and effort to suggest
improvements to our code.

This consists of a S2io folder in the ~/drivers/net folder and an
Kconfig file also in the same folder. The Kconfig file now reflects the
S2IO and S2IO_NAPI config 
and help details. Also the s2io source files in the s2io folder no
longer contain the CVS messages 
that get inserted during CVS commits. 

As a side note, we've done more performance testing on the 2.6 kernel
and I'd like to retract my earlier comment about marginal benefits of
Linux TSO support. 
At least with the latest kernel, we are getting extra ~8% transmit
performance with large send offload; this is very much in line with
results on other operating systems.

Regards, Leonid

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