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tcp socket missing from /proc/net/tcp

To: netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: tcp socket missing from /proc/net/tcp
From: "James H. Cloos Jr." <cloos@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 23 Aug 2003 15:49:16 -0400
Sender: netdev-bounce@xxxxxxxxxxx
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I'm currently at 2.6 as of cset:


(the last one on 2003/Aug/09)

I've currently got an open ssh session to a remote box that does not
show up in /proc/net/tcp (I also checked /proc/net/tcp6 even though
the remote box doesn't do v6; it is not there either).

One possible issue is that I did an 'ifconfig sit1 down' and an
'ifconfig sit1 up' while the ssh session was up (for an unrelated

Hmmm.  I just opened another ssh to that same box and now both show
up again in /proc/net/tcp.

v6 is copiled in, firewall stuff is a mix on in and modules.


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