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Re: Best way to hook incoming eth pkts?

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Subject: Re: Best way to hook incoming eth pkts?
From: Michael Richardson <mcr@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Aug 2003 13:49:28 -0400
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>>>>> "Jeff" == Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx> writes:
    Jeff> Essentially, all the things mentioned above need some way to listen
    Jeff> for incoming ethernet packets.  ATA-over-ethernet has its own
    Jeff> IANA-registered ethernet type, but netconsole and netdump are using
    Jeff> IP/UDP instead of a custom ethernet protocol.

    Jeff> So, two questions for the gurus of the crowd ;-)

    Jeff> 1) What is the best way for an in-kernel piece of software to
    Jeff> receive ethernet packets that are intended for it?

  For ethernet protocols, you can just register the protocol handler, and you
will get them.

    Jeff> 2) Possibly related to #1, is it a good or bad idea to consider
    Jeff> sending netconsole/netdump directly over ethernet, eschewing the
    Jeff> IP/UDP/syslog stuff?

  netconsole makes me really nervous, and I'd rather it was not over IP.
  (If you need a far-away remote console, then get another box with multiple 
serial ports + SSH, or get an Annex, or...)

  Another thing which would like UDP packets is the IPsec NAT-T stuff.
  It is even weirder, because some packets need to be *returned* to the 
UDP socket. (I didn't design this protocol, and argued against putting
the ESP and IKE traffic on the same port, but I lost that argument. I would
have prefered to implement Teredo, and then do IPv4-ESP-IPv6-UDP-IPv4
instead, since it would encourage IPv6)

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