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Re: e100 "Ferguson" release

To: "Feldman, Scott" <scott.feldman@xxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: e100 "Ferguson" release
From: Jeff Garzik <jgarzik@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 05 Aug 2003 01:29:41 -0400
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Feldman, Scott wrote:
* (API) Does the out-of-tx-resources condition in e100_xmit_frame ever really happen? I am under the
impression that returning non-zero in ->hard_start_xmit
results in the packet sometimes being requeued and
sometimes dropped. I prefer to guarantee a more-steady state, by simply dropping the packet unconditionally,
when this uncommon condition occurs.  So, I would
a) mark the failure condition with unlikely(), and
b) if the condition occurs, simply drop the packet (tx_dropped++, kfree skb), and return zero.

Stop the queue also?

if(unlikely(e100_exec_cb(nic, skb, e100_xmit_prepare) == -ENOMEM)) {
        return 0;

Yes. I would also printk(KERN_ERR "we have a bug!") or somesuch, like several other drivers do, too.

* IIRC Donald's MII phy scanning code scans MII phy ids like this: 1..31,0. Or maybe 1..31, and then 0 iff no MII phys were found. In general I would prefer to follow his eepro100.c probe order. Some phys need this because they will report on both phy id #0 (which is magical) and phy id #(non-zero). Donald would know more than me,


[kernel] eepro100 gets the ID from the eeprom, so no scanning there.
Current e100 goes 1, 0..31, which is what we've always done, IIRC.

hmmm. I prefer the phy scanning to checking eeprom, since it reduces the chance of eeprom screwups. However, I still think there's some issue related to phy id #0. Oh well, fine for now, I guess.

* do we care about spinlocks around the update_stats and get_stats code?

Not sure.  update_stats runs in a timer callback.  Can get_stats jump

Well, the ->get_stats only returns a pointer to the stats, which are then accessed in an unlocked manner. Since the net stats are unsigned longs, asynchronously reading and updating them isn't a big deal in practice.

* (minor) use a netif_msg_xxx wrapper/constant in e100_init_module test?

Can't - don't have nic->msg_enable allocated yet.  :(

You could always use "(1 << debug) - 1"... :) I dunno if it's worth worrying about.


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