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RE: Route cache performance under stress

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Subject: RE: Route cache performance under stress
From: "CIT/Paul" <xerox@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2003 15:40:47 -0400
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Wait until you see a DoS attack at 2 million pps with random source ips
and ports and dst ports and tcp flags and the only consistant thing
about the entire attack is the destination ip :>  can we say.. Null
route quick!! 

Paul xerox@xxxxxxxxxx

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Subject: Re: Route cache performance under stress

Ralph Doncaster <ralph@xxxxxxxxx> writes:

>> Assuming the attacker has a 100mbps link to you, yes ;->
> A script kiddie 0wning a box with a FE connection is nothing.  During 
> what was probably the worst DOS I got hit with, one of my upstream 
> providers said they were seeing about 600mbps of traffic related to 
> the attack.

Yes, these numbers keep growing.  By today's standards, 6000 Mbps
shouldn't be too surprising. 8-(

One of the servers I keep running was recently flooded with 1500-byte
UDP packets, Fast Ethernet line rate.  It definitely happens if your
pipes are fat enough.

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