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[PATCH] Mobile IPv6 for 2.5.40 (request for kernel inclusion)

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Subject: [PATCH] Mobile IPv6 for 2.5.40 (request for kernel inclusion)
From: Antti Tuominen <ajtuomin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002 12:21:11 +0300
Cc: torvalds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Hello Dave, Alexey, and all,

I am part of the MIPL Mobile IPv6 for Linux Team at Helsinki
University of Technology, and we have been working on an
implementation of Mobility Support in IPv6 specification for the past
3 years.  Now the code has matured to the point, that we feel
confident enough to ask for kernel inclusion.

Our implementation has been to several interop and conformance testing
events, and has proven to be very compliant and to interoperate with
all major vendors' implementations.  Code has been tested on several
UP and SMP configurations, and performs quite well.

Implementation consists of two kernel modules, changes to IPv6 stack,
and userspace configuration tools.  First module provides support for
6over6 (IPv6 in IPv6) tunneling.  Second module is the Mobile IPv6
module, and adds support for Mobile IPv6 Correspondent Node, Mobile
Node, and Home Agent.  IPv6 stack has been modified to provide some
MIPv6 mandated features as well as hooks to our module.

Latest code for 2.5 series can be pulled from our public BitKeeper
repository (parent is 

Diff against latest BK bits can be downloaded from:

Latest userspace tools are found at:

More information of the project can be found at our website:

The team continues the development work to have fully RFC compliant
(when the specification moves to RFC) implementation of Mobile IPv6 in
the Linux kernel, as well as work on improving the code.

On behalf of the MIPL Team,

Antti Tuominen

Antti J. Tuominen, Gyldenintie 8A 11, 00200 Helsinki, Finland.
Research assistant, Institute of Digital Communications at HUT
work: ajtuomin@xxxxxxxxxx; home: tuominen@xxxxxx

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