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[ANNOUNCE] new lksctp release lksctp-2_5_29-0_5_0

To: linux-kernel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] new lksctp release lksctp-2_5_29-0_5_0
From: Jon Grimm <jgrimm2@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Jul 2002 13:07:10 -0500
Cc: linux-net@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Sender: owner-netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Linux Kernel SCTP Release lksctp-2_5_29-0_5_0 is now available 
for download.  

The lksctp project was created to develop a Linux kernel implementation 
of the SCTP transport protocol.  

For more information, as well as, source tarballs and patches, please 

The linux-2.5.29 based patch can be downloaded directly from:

Best Regards, 
Jon Grimm 

The most recent CHANGES are as follows:

Patch 588249 misc. user header file fixes (jgrimm)

Patch 582166 sctp_peeloff() support. (samudrala)
Bug   583874 sendmsg/init with bad buf. has leak (jgrimm)
Patch 581963 Handle select/poll syscalls (daisyc)
Bug   583798 Need GFP_ATOMIC when BH disabled (samudrala)
Bug   585351 MSG_UNORDERED not set on fragmented chunks (samudrala)
Patch 585474 Remove old DEFAULT_STREAM sock opt (jgrimm)
Bug   585653 Fix V6INADDR_ANY to choose a saddr (jgrimm)
Bug   585929 more leaks in sendmsg() on error cases. (samudrala)
Patch 574420 overlapping init/restart  (dajiang, jgrimm)
Bug   581992 zero probe shouldn't error association (samudrala)
Patch 587986 move to Linux 2.5.29 (samudrala)

Patch 569943 graceful shutdown of an individual association. (samudrala)
Patch 572054 move to linux kernel 2.5.24. (samudrala)
Bug   574069 bugs in fragmentation & reassembly. (samudrala)
Patch 579301 check for No User Data error and testcase (jgrimm)
Bug   574071 less strict rwnd check at rcvr (samudrala)
Patch 579525 SCTP_AUTOCLOSE socket option. (samudrala)
Patch 575712 modify sctp_darn tool to use select (daisyc)
NA           misc.: cleanup jiffies decl., update docs. (jgrimm) 
Patch 581745 getsockname needs sk->sport (jgrimm)
Patch 582273 handle DATA while in SHUTDOWN-SENT (jgrimm)
Bug   581997 sctp_wait_for_sndbuf fault (jgrimm)
Patch 573958 Overlapping Init testcases (dajiang)
Patch 582905 misc: remove md5 files. update cause code values (jgrimm)

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