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Re: Network oops

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Subject: Re: Network oops
From: george anzinger <george@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 10:19:42 -0700
Organization: Monta Vista Software
References: <200205202125.BAA03545@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> <3D0390E2.1B80ADEE@xxxxxxxxxx> <20020609.213150.32126725.davem@xxxxxxxxxx> <3D042F8F.72764243@xxxxxxxxxx>
Sender: owner-netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
We need help from someone who knows the network code.  I have tried to give all 
the relevant information below.  The machine that last failed can still be 
examined with kgdb to answer any further questions.

We are working with a 2.4.17 kernel with all the latest preempt patches as well 
as the high-res-timres patch (which, by the way has the proposed TIMER_BH 
conversion to softirq code).  Other patches are applied but, when removed, do 
not affect the below described behavior.  The system is an SMP (2) processor:   
  <4>CPU0: Intel(R) Pentium(R) III CPU family      1266MHz stepping 01

A break point placed in deliver_to_old_ones() is never hit.

Failure rate under heavy network stress (4 machines each measuring network 
performance with all 4 machines in the test) occurs very seldom.  The last 
failure took 32 hours, the prior one 22 hours.  

Failure appears to occur because a call is made to a bogus address that is 
pulled from an skb.
Here is a back trace of the latest failure:

Program received signal SIGEMT, Emulation trap.
0x00b24d18 in ?? () at af_packet.c:1891

(gdb) bt
#0  0x00b24d18 in ?? () at af_packet.c:1891
#1  0xc0267751 in tcp_v4_destroy_sock (sk=0xc7164260)
    at /usr/src/linux-2.4.17-CLT/include/net/tcp.h:1673
#2  0xc02566f1 in tcp_destroy_sock (sk=0xc7164260) at tcp.c:1800
#3  0xc025731a in tcp_close (sk=0xc7164260, timeout=0) at tcp.c:1971
#4  0xc0274f67 in inet_release (sock=0xc2c94160) at af_inet.c:465
#5  0xc02304a2 in sock_release (sock=0xc2c94160) at socket.c:489
#6  0xc0230a50 in sock_close (inode=0xc2c94040, filp=0xc51297e0)
    at socket.c:724
#7  0xc014d833 in fput (file=0xc51297e0) at file_table.c:113
#8  0xc014bfe3 in filp_close (filp=0xc51297e0, id=0xc2eb6d60) at open.c:838
#9  0xc014c0b2 in sys_close (fd=4) at open.c:862
#10 0xc010782b in system_call () at af_packet.c:1891
#11 0x40043507 in ?? () at af_packet.c:1891
kgdb caught this in:
0xc0119b3d is in do_page_fault (fault.c:329).
324      * terminate things with extreme prejudice.
325      */
326     #ifdef CONFIG_KGDB
327             if (!user_mode(regs)){
328                     kgdb_handle_exception(14,SIGBUS, error_code, regs);
329                     return;
330             }
331     #endif
333             bust_spinlocks(1);

In both failures we found this in the log buffer just prior to the failure:

<5>\n<4>KERNEL: assertion ((int)tcp_packets_in_flight(tp) >= 0) failed at 

On the assumption that preemption is the root cause of this problem we have 
instrumented the preemption code to keep track of the last 100 preemptions.  
What follows is an edited log 
of these preemptions.  Each entry consists of two words of time (sec, usec) 
followed by the 
address (hex and symbolic) and the pid of the process.  Preemptions clearly 
unrelated to the network code have been removed.  Most of these were in idle or 

0xc0368e60 <preempt_log>:       0x3d101941      0xc9868 0xc025f4bb 
<tcp_transmit_skb+747>       0x15aa
0xc0368e80 <preempt_log+32>:    0x3d101941      0xec247 0xc025d821 
<tcp_copy_to_iovec+129>      0x15aa
0xc0368ea0 <preempt_log+64>:    0x3d101942      0xc1f6  0xc0167ee0 
<update_atime>       0x15ae
0xc0368ec0 <preempt_log+96>:    0x3d101942      0x24440 0xc025d821 
<tcp_copy_to_iovec+129>      0x15aa
0xc0368ee0 <preempt_log+128>:   0x3d101942      0x26eae 0xc025d821 
<tcp_copy_to_iovec+129>      0x15a9
0xc0368f00 <preempt_log+160>:   0x3d101942      0x2a4b4 0xc025d821 
<tcp_copy_to_iovec+129>      0x15aa
0xc0368f20 <preempt_log+192>:   0x3d101942      0x2c74a 0xc02558b1 
<tcp_prequeue_process+305>   0x15aa
0xc0368f40 <preempt_log+224>:   0x3d101942      0x2d5b6 0xc0255741 
<tcp_data_wait+705>  0x15aa
0xc0368f60 <preempt_log+256>:   0x3d101942      0x2e634 0xc02558b1 
<tcp_prequeue_process+305>   0x15a9
0xc0368f80 <preempt_log+288>:   0x3d101942      0x2fcaa 0xc024db81 
<ip_output+401>      0x15aa
0xc0368fc0 <preempt_log+352>:   0x3d101942      0x30c4f 0xc02558b1 
<tcp_prequeue_process+305>   0x15a6
0xc0368fe0 <preempt_log+384>:   0x3d101942      0x33603 0xc02558b1 
<tcp_prequeue_process+305>   0x15a6
0xc0369000 <preempt_log+416>:   0x3d101942      0xc5137 0xc011d1ec 
<remove_wait_queue+156>      0x15a8
0xc0369060 <preempt_log+512>:   0x3d101944      0x6f2e4 0xc025561b 
<tcp_data_wait+411>  0x15a8
0xc0369120 <preempt_log+704>:   0x3d101948      0xae22f 0xc024dc28 
<ip_queue_xmit+24>   0x15b2
0xc0369140 <preempt_log+736>:   0x3d101949      0xbe01  0xc02558b1 
<tcp_prequeue_process+305>   0x15b2
0xc03691a0 <preempt_log+832>:   0x3d10194b      0xbd567 0xc025d821 
<tcp_copy_to_iovec+129>      0x15b3
0xc0369250 <preempt_log+1008>:  0x3d10194b      0xbde39 0xc01054df 
<default_idle+47>    0x0

Each of these is pinned to source below:
(gdb)l* l* tcp_transmit_skb+747
0xc01f4a83 is in tcp_transmit_skb 
1417                                              TCPOLEN_TIMESTAMP);
1418                    *ptr++ = htonl(tstamp);
1419                    *ptr++ = htonl(tp->ts_recent);
1420            }
1421            if (tp->eff_sacks) {
1422                    struct tcp_sack_block *sp = tp->dsack ? 
tp->duplicate_sack : tp->selective_acks;
1423                    int this_sack;
1425                    *ptr++ = __constant_htonl((TCPOPT_NOP << 24) |
1426                                              (TCPOPT_NOP << 16) |
(gdb)l * tcp_copy_to_iovec+129
0xc01f2eed is in tcp_copy_to_iovec (tcp_input.c:3157).
3152            int chunk = skb->len - hlen;
3153            int err;
3155            local_bh_enable();
3156            if (skb->ip_summed==CHECKSUM_UNNECESSARY)
3157                    err = skb_copy_datagram_iovec(skb, hlen, tp->ucopy.iov, 
3158            else
3159                    err = skb_copy_and_csum_datagram_iovec(skb, hlen, 
3161            if (!err) {
(gdb) l *tcp_prequeue_process+305
0xc01ebba5 is in tcp_recvmsg (tcp.c:1400).
1395            int err;
1396            int target;             /* Read at least this many bytes */
1397            long timeo;
1398            struct task_struct *user_recv = NULL;
1400            lock_sock(sk);
1402            TCP_CHECK_TIMER(sk);
1404            err = -ENOTCONN;

(gdb) l* tcp_data_wait+705
0xc01ebb49 is in tcp_prequeue_process (tcp.c:1376).
1371            while ((skb = __skb_dequeue(&tp->ucopy.prequeue)) != NULL)
1372                    sk->backlog_rcv(sk, skb);
1373            local_bh_enable();
1375            /* Clear memory counter. */
1376            tp->ucopy.memory = 0;
1377    }
1379    /*
1380     *      This routine copies from a sock struct into the user buffer. 
(gdb) l *tcp_data_wait+411
0xc01eba23 is in tcp_data_wait (tcp.c:1354).
1349            release_sock(sk);
1351            if (skb_queue_empty(&sk->receive_queue))
1352                    timeo = schedule_timeout(timeo);
1354            lock_sock(sk);
1355            clear_bit(SOCK_ASYNC_WAITDATA, &sk->socket->flags);
1357            remove_wait_queue(sk->sleep, &wait);
1358            __set_current_state(TASK_RUNNING);
(gdb) (gdb) l *ip_queue_xmit+24
0xc024dc28 is in ip_queue_xmit (ip_output.c:351).
346             struct iphdr *iph;
348             /* Skip all of this if the packet is already routed,
349              * f.e. by something like SCTP.
350              */
351             rt = (struct rtable *) skb->dst;
352             if (rt != NULL)
353                     goto packet_routed;
355             /* Make sure we can route this packet. */
(gdb) l * ip_output+401
0xc01e55d9 is in ip_queue_xmit (ip_output.c:344).
339     }
341     int ip_queue_xmit(struct sk_buff *skb)
342     {
343             struct sock *sk = skb->sk;
344             struct ip_options *opt = sk->protinfo.af_inet.opt;
345             struct rtable *rt;
346             struct iphdr *iph;
348             /* Skip all of this if the packet is already routed,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.  We also can probe the system to answer 
any further questions.  As said above, we are assuming this is related to 
preemption, however, that assumption may be bad.

George Anzinger   george@xxxxxxxxxx
Real time sched:
Preemption patch:

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