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socket API extensions workgroup at OpenGroup needs HELP

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Subject: socket API extensions workgroup at OpenGroup needs HELP
From: Louis Laborde <llaborde@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 14:18:56 +0000
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Organization: Hewlett Packard (SISL)
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The OpenGroup InterConnect Software Consortium  has started
a working group to propose extensions to the current Unix socket API
and is seeking help from the open source community.

These extensions (ideas floating around are, but not limited to:
asynchronous paradigm to enable zero copy, I/O completion ports,
advance buffer registration to allow pinning and I/O preparation, ...)
would enable new networking technologies (Infiniband, RDMA, ...) and
would allow Unix to regain the lead over Winsock in terms of functionality
and performance.

The OpenGroup is trying to figure out how to include the open source
community in these activities.  It is actively seeking the people who are
the Linux, FreeBSD, ..., thought leaders and implementors for networking
and sockets, and bring them into the working group.

Interested people should contact the working group co-chairs for details
about how to join the effort:
  David Edmondson (david.edmondson@xxxxxx) or
  Satya Sharma (ssharma@xxxxxxxxxx)

The URL of the OpenGroup Interconnect Software Consortium is:

Thanks for volunteering.

| Louis LABORDE               e-mail: llaborde@xxxxxxxxxx |
| HP Cupertino SISL           phone:       (408) 447-3649 |

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