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Problem with skb pointer!

To: netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Problem with skb pointer!
From: Atif Syed <Atif.Syed@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 11:39:15 +0100
Organization: NEC
Sender: owner-netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Dear all,

I am writting a module. This module has very easy task to buffer 5 incoming 
packets and the next coming packet(6th) to buffer at 1st packet and send 1st 
packet changing the dst and src addresses.

I have declared pointer array with 5 pointers. The buffering of 5 packets has 
done. But when the 6th packet comes, kernel hangs up!!

What i am doing is that i save 1st packet (sk_buff) to a new temporary 
pointer and send it changing the dst and src addresses.
it follows:

struct sk_buff *skb_new[5];
struct sk_buff *temp2=NULL;


This means i point to sk_buff with temp2, before it was skb_new[counter2]. 
Could u please tell me if any thing is wrong in this matter?

Thanks in advance

Atif Syed(student)
NEC Europe Ltd. - Network Laboratories

Email: Atif.Syed@xxxxxxxxxxxx

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