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Re: NEWBEE "reverse ioctl" or someting like

To: sébastien person <sebastien.person@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: NEWBEE "reverse ioctl" or someting like
From: volodya@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Thu, 3 May 2001 10:54:59 -0400 (EDT)
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a) just make your management app periodically issue 
  ioctl(fd, GET_CONFIG_INFO, ...)
and make the driver return -1 when the info is not present

b) make a new device and open it with management app

c) make a new node in /proc and open it with management app 
  (cons: requires /proc to be mounted)

d) kernel-user netlink socket (never tried myself)

                     Vladimir Dergachev

On Thu, 3 May 2001, [ISO-8859-1] sébastien person wrote:

> hi,
> I've made a network driver wich is attached to the serial port.
> The network hardware is able to return information to the pc. theses
> informations are belong to the configuration of the hardware. I 
> succeed on receive information in the driver but I've no idea to alert
> higher process (like configuration app ...) that I've received something
> (wich is not network data like TCP or ARP etc ...).
> I think that use of pipe isn't preconised because I must fork process
> to use pipe, I search something like ioctl but in the other way : 
>  kernel process ---> user process
> Is somebody know the best and easy way ??
> thank (I hope this is the right place to ask)
> sebastien person
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