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RE: Error with mrouted 3.9b3+ios12

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Subject: RE: Error with mrouted 3.9b3+ios12
From: "Suchot Sinthsirimana" <suchots@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 14:42:04 +0700
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Hi, very surprise your mail.  Now, I have check in 2.4.2 kernel.  I found 
multicast loopback in ip_output.c in line "Multicasts are looped back for other 
local users".  I have mark out this case and test it.  It can pass mutlicast.  

It's not right correction for this multicast loop back.  I will recorrect this 
case again.


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Subject: Re: Error with mrouted 3.9b3+ios12 

In message <000101c09d7e$9e06f4b0$e7d0b7ca@pegasus> you write:
> Feb 23 09:58:14 ns kernel: ip_dev_loopback_xmit: bad owned skb = cfc80f00: PR
> Feb 23 09:58:14 ns kernel: skb: pf=2 (unowned) dev=eth1 len=1500
> Feb 23 09:58:14 ns kernel: PROTO=17 L=15
00 S=0x00 I=54455 F=0x2000 T=4

Hmm, this means that a packet went through PRE_ROUTING, FORWARD and
POST_ROUTING, then hit loopback.

It's kinda wierd behaviour: multicast packets will pass through
PRE_ROUTING, FORWARD, POST_ROUTING (ip_mc_output), then net_rx,
net_rx_action, ip_rcv, then ???.

I'm surprised you don't get more messages, but they're fairly

Premature optmztion is rt of all evl. --DK
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