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Re: [vortex, eepro100] True on TRANSMIT ERROR TIMEOUT

To: Tres Hofmeister <tres@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [vortex, eepro100] True on TRANSMIT ERROR TIMEOUT
From: dancer@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 09:22:55 +1000
Cc: netdev <netdev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Tres Hofmeister wrote:

> On 2000.06.15, Andrew Morton wrote:
> :
> : Let me quote "Brian" from last week:
> :
> :  ``The web servers (~10Mb/s) last about 3 days on <NIC>.  With all
> :    the Linux zealots talking about taking on Sun and the "enterprise,"
> :    I'd drop dead laughing if they weren't my servers.''
> :
> : Ouch.
>         Indeed.  I'm in the same boat as "Brian."  I've tried everything
> I can think of to keep our web server up.  In the end, it's looking like
> the answer is using watchdog(8) to monitor the Ethernet interface, with
> a repair script which reinitializes it when it fails.  I've currently
> got a NetGear Tulip card in the machine, but I've had problems with
> the vortex and eepro100 drivers as well.
>         I *never* thought I'd be fighting off our NT pushers because
> our Linux web server seemed unreliable... :(  Oh, well.

Here, also, though we're running a complete range of services for a million
or so people. Does that count as 'enterprise'?. We got over
all-too-frequent kernel panics by replacing our vortex cards with
eepro100's. It's hard to justify another hardware switch to our partners,
who have been pushing Sun or NT for the last several years. Of course, our
third choice for cards would have been tulips. :/


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