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FAM News


A FAM CVS tree has been created. It is now publicly available for read-only access.

Alex Larsson from Red Hat contributed a patch adding DNotify support on Linux. It can be downloaded from the FAM download area.

I've made a links page that links to some FAM tutorials and places I've noticed FAM being used.


2003-11-26 FAM 2.7.0 released.
2003-04-14 FAM 2.6.10 released.
2002-07-21 FAM 2.6.9 released.
2002-06-02 FAM 2.6.8 released.
2001-12-20 FAM 2.6.7 released.
2001-11-16 FAM 2.6.6 released. This version was packaged incorrectly. Sorry!
2001-03-01 Michael Wardle has begun part-time work on FAM. He will will take over Rusty's role as FAM maintainer.
2000-05-26 FAM 2.6.4 released.
2000-05-03 FAM 2.6.3 released.
2000-03-23 FAM 2.6.2 released.
2000-03-14 FAM 2.6.1 released.
2000-03-01 FAM 2.6.0 released. This is the first open source release of FAM.