Open Source
Linux FailSafe Initial TODO List

This is an initial list only. It will be discussed on the Mailing list. We are actively looking for people to own certain pieces.

  • Test scalability to 8 nodes and beyond
  • Testing with large number of resources and resource groups

    Infrastructure Enhancements
  • Support for volume managers
  • Support for network mirroring
  • Testing shared SCSI solutions
  • Testing storage area network solutions
  • Supporting for reset devices using STONITH
  • Configuration database based on MySQL or some other database
  • Common heartbeat service that can be used by configuration database daemon (cdbd) and cluster membership (ha_cmsd)
  • Better I/O fencing mechanism (GRITS API from Oracle)
  • Developing 64bit version of FailSafe for 64bit platforms API
  • Develop application (FailSafe resource type) API
  • Develop cluster API (Group communication services layer interface)
  • Support for full FailSafe API bindings for Perl, python and TCL.

    Integration with other technologies
  • Integration with IPVS to provide load balancing solution
  • Integration with monitoring tools such as 'mon'
  • SNMP support
  • Integration with DLM using cluster API
  • Integration with cluster filesystems (GFS, CXFS)
  • Testing FailSafe on non-i386 platforms (alpha, ultraSparc, IA64)

  • Encryption and authentication of cluster messages

    Disaster recovery
  • Geographic clustering and failover.

    Usability enhancements
  • Provide interim status of long running tasks
  • Improve error messages and logging mechanisms
  • Develop GUI plugin model for resource types
  • Develop GUI plugin model for reset mechanisms
  • Better cluster_mgr scripting

  • Contribute to FailSafe administration manual
  • Contribute to FailSafe programmers manual
  • Develop FailSafe developers manual