XFS unlink still slow on 3.1.9 kernel ?

Richard Ems richard.ems at cape-horn-eng.com
Tue Feb 14 03:48:25 CST 2012

Hi Christoph, hi list,

I don;t have ONE dir with that 11 million files, it's one dir with many
directories and a total of about 11 million files AND dirs! See output

On 02/13/2012 10:16 PM, Christoph Hellwig wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 07:48:58PM +0100, Richard Ems wrote:
>> I already updated to 3.2.4 and started the same "find dir" command again
>> that previously took 100 min to run. It has been running now for over 30
>> min ...
>> Should this "find" run time also improve ?
> No, not by that change anyway.

It didn't improve, 100 min again.

>> Or will only unlink run time improve ?
> Yes.

rm took about 110 min.

>> Do I have to mount the XFS partition with some new/old/special option?
> I'd have to look into it in more detail.  IIRC you said you're using
> RAID6 which can be fairly nasty for small reads.  Did you use the
> inode64 mount option on the filesystem?

No, I did not use it, but I was thinking about and ran the script from
http://sandeen.net/misc/summarise_stat.pl and got as an example on /bin:

# /net/c3m/usr/local/software/XFS/summarise_stat.pl /bin/
      9  6.2% are scripts (shell, perl, whatever)
     65 44.8% don't use any stat() family calls at all
     61 42.1% use 32-bit stat() family interfaces only
      9  6.2% use 64-bit stat64() family interfaces only
      1  0.7% use both 32-bit and 64-bit stat() family interfaces

So I was not sure if I should use inode64 or not.

This are the times that the run took yesterday:

Mon Feb 13 19:14:07 CET 2012

+ wc -l
+ find 2012-02-13/

real    101m30.811s
user    0m17.365s
sys     1m4.632s

Mon Feb 13 20:55:38 CET 2012

+ wc -l
+ find 2012-02-13/ -type d

real    103m52.686s
user    0m11.765s
sys     1m41.018s

+ wc -l
+ find 2012-02-13/ -type f

real    104m38.421s
user    0m19.905s
sys     1m47.551s

+ /bin/rm -i -rf 2012-02-13/

real    110m55.764s
user    0m13.401s
sys     4m3.115s

Tue Feb 14 02:15:05 CET 2012

Thanks again,

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