xfs_repair takes long time

Kiran.Chandapu at emc.com Kiran.Chandapu at emc.com
Thu Feb 2 02:19:01 CST 2012


My set up looks like this, we have software raid on top of it we have LVM and using XFS file system. Currently we have faced on an issue with raid /dev/md1 so we have activated it and when we checked we had missed PV information, so we had to restore the metadata information from Volume group and that was successful. Later we had activated VG and LV, now when I try to mount the volume using xfs, I am unable to and when I check the system logs I see below logs:

Feb  2 12:21:08 DDATA kernel: XFS: bad magic number
Feb  2 12:21:08 DDATA kernel: XFS: SB validate failed

So I have realized that the file system might have corrupted and started running xfs_repair but it takes such a long time, not sure it is because of the amount of data we have on the volume around 12TB.
First time it took 3 days, incomplete and unfortunately the session got terminated. Now again I have to run the repair.

Could anyone please let me know, is there any way I can speed up the process or any rough idea who much time the file system repair going to take.

Any help is really appreciated.


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