corruption, xfs_repair 3.1.4 segfaults

Eric Sandeen sandeen at
Fri Mar 4 09:07:09 CST 2011

On 3/2/11 11:58 AM, Marc Lehmann wrote:
> Hi!
> I had a case of filesystem corruption a day ago:


> I tried to use xfs_repair on it, but it crashes (and, as I may grudgingly
> add, as usual it crashes because thats what xfsrepair does almost always).

If you provide an xfs_metadump image of the filesystem, I'd be
happy to look into the cause of the segfault.

In my experience xfs_repair does not almost always crash, if you
encounter this, please do send mail/file bugs/provide images.

> Any idea on where to go from here? I tried to build the git xfsprogs, but
> they don't build due to missing -fPIC - and as usual, thanks for any help :)

Bug reports on build problems are welcome as well.


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