do_IRQ stack overflow on 32-bit CentOS 4

Eric Sandeen sandeen at
Tue Jun 30 12:52:44 CDT 2009

Orion Poplawski wrote:
> Just hit a:
> do_IRQ: stack overflow: 452
> on 32-bit CentOS 4 machine with xfs-kmod-0.4-2.el4.  Is there anything that can
> be done to minimize this risk?  Running xfs over md raid5 array, exporting via
> nfs.  More kernel dump messages are posted at:

get an x86_64 machine ;)

The stack overflow message is misleading; it means you have 452 -left-

unfortunately on some kernels, simply printing that message actually
consumes what's left, and more.  See

This was fixed in 2.6.18-108.el5 and beyond.

Upstream has some xfs stack size fixes; this may eventually make it to a
centos near you.


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