[PATCH] [LIBXCMD]: Move error messages to appropriate places.

Donald Douwsma ddouwsma at bigpond.net.au
Thu Jan 29 09:07:22 CST 2009

Arkadiusz Miskiewicz wrote:
> On Thursday 29 of January 2009, Donald Douwsma wrote:
>> Arkadiusz Miśkiewicz wrote:
>>> Replace raw perror() with proper message in
>>> fs_table_initialise_mounts().
>>> Replace raw perror() with proper message and move it from
>>> fs_mount_point_from_path() to fs_table_initialise_projects() where this
>>> message has meaning.
>> I like your change, it makes things clearer.
>> But does this particular error actually help people? I've seen it a few
>> times when testing quota code in the past. It's only used when reading in
>> projects, and causes errors to be displayed even when issuing non project
>> commands.
>> $ sudo bash -c "echo 10:/var/nonexistantdir >> /etc/projects
>> $ xfs_quota -c print
>> /var/nonexistantdir: No such file or directory
>> Filesystem          Pathname
>> /home               /dev/sda8
> Now it will be:
> xfs_quota: cannot find mount point for path `/var/nonexistantdir': No such 
> file or directory
>> I'd be tempted to remove this error, and add error checking code to the
>> project specific commands that walk tree's.
> The path won't be added to walk iterator and there will be no error at walk 
> time. 

Good point, if we dont give the error at that point there is no way for the user to
find out what happened, not good.

> The fix would be probably to not add project to the iterating engine when 
> asking for non-project things etc. 

That would be nice, in the meantime I think your change is a good idea.


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