[pcp] pcp chroot build broken

Mark Goodwin mgoodwin at redhat.com
Sun Feb 5 16:51:26 CST 2012

On 02/03/2012 08:28 PM, Ken McDonell wrote:
> I agree ... (a) is preferable, especially as this means no changes in a
> million man pages!  Changes in a lot of places, but they are easy to
> find, the change is simple and the risk if getting it wrong is low.
> Do you want to try this, or prefer me to have a go?

I'll do it during this week. I'm a bit strapped for time, but
should get to it.


>> There are a few ways to finally fix this :
>> (a) move src/include/*.h to src/include/pcp/*.h and then change all
>>       code to e.g. #include<pcp/pmapi.h>, or
>> (b) change all affected code to e.g. #include "pmapi.h" rather than
>>       #include<pcp/pmapi.h>, or
>> (c) in src/include, symlink pcp ->  . (see attached patch).
>> We need to fix this - at the moment we're exposed to subtle errors
>> where some code is including /usr/include/pcp/*.h yet other code is
>> including those headers directly from the source tree.
>> I prefer (a), at least because our demo code is clean and consistent.
>> Thoughts?
>> -- Mark

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