[pcp] coding issues and defects uncovered by Coverity scans

Ken McDonell kenj at internode.on.net
Wed Feb 1 14:11:39 CST 2012

On Thu, 2012-01-12 at 16:14 +1100, Mark Goodwin wrote:
> Coverity is a sophisticated static code analysis tool.
> Among other things, it checks for the conditions listed here:
> https://www.securecoding.cert.org/confluence/display/seccode/Coverity+Prevent
> Below is the result of running a scan over the pcp src tree:
> http://people.redhat.com/mgoodwin/pcp-cov/index.html

I have another Coverity related question ... what is one expected to do
with issues like this one?

40 FORWARD_NULL /src2/git/pcp/src/pmlogger/<stdout> yy_get_next_buffer

I assume this is found in the bison output file, but there is no context
or line number to help isolate the "issue".

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