[pcp] dbpmda dynamic PMNS oddity

Nathan Scott nscott at aconex.com
Wed Jan 13 00:23:41 CST 2010

Hi Ken,

Seeing something strange in dbpmda when checking out some new
MMV client code - the initial fetch failure is the issue...

17:20 nathans at verge /source/git/pcp/src/pmdas/mmv 308> dbpmda
dbpmda> open pipe pmdammv
Start pmdammv PMDA: ./pmdammv
dbpmda> fetch mmv.test.strings
PMID(s): 70.*.*
pmResult dump from 0x9d51170 timestamp: 0.000000 10:00:00.000 numpmid: 1
  70.*.* (<noname>): Unknown or illegal metric identifier
dbpmda> pmid mmv.test.strings
Metric: mmv.test.strings
dbpmda> fetch 70.2.6
Warning: PMID (70.2.6) is not defined in the PMNS
PMID(s): 70.2.6
pmResult dump from 0x9d511d8 timestamp: 0.000000 10:00:00.000 numpmid: 1
  70.2.6 (<noname>): numval: 2 valfmt: 1 vlist[]:
    inst [0 or ???] value "00oo00"
    inst [1 or ???] value ""
dbpmda> name 70.2.6
PMID: 70.2.6

(this is with /var/tmp/mmv/test as created by pcpqa/src-oss/mmv_genstats)

Any ideas?  Is there meant to be an initial pmid lookup in the fetch case
in dbpmda or is the above behaviour as-expected?



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