[pcp] pcp qa and mmv pmda

Nathan Scott nscott at aconex.com
Thu Sep 24 18:10:41 CDT 2009

----- "Ken McDonell" <kenj at internode.on.net> wrote:

> Are tests 647 and 648 expected to be passing with the current 2.9.2
> pcp code?

647 should pass, 648 is notrun atm (has some complex indom handling
tests that aren't implemented in current pmdammv - on my todo list).

> [Fri Sep 25 06:51:33] pmdammv(30314) Info: pmdammv: 7 metrics and 2
> indoms after reload
> /usr/share/pcp/lib/ReplacePmnsSubtree: 1: 1: not found

This'd be your root cause.  

> $ pminfo -f mmv
> mmv.reload: pmLookupDesc: Try again. Information not currently available

Just checked, and it works for me.  There is some conditional code in MMV
PMDA - see HAVE_MKSTEMP in write_pmnsfile() - perhaps you're going through
the alternate path to me (that MACRO is set on my dev box)?



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