[pcp] pcp updates (mort-dev)

Nathan Scott nscott at aconex.com
Wed Nov 11 16:27:53 CST 2009

----- "Mark Goodwin" <goodwinos at gmail.com> wrote:
> It'd be easy enough to move PCP_BINADM_DIR to %{libexecdir}/pcp
> if we want to - that may provide more consistency for the ia64
> platform too. I don't particularly mind either way.

I'm in two minds - having a "variable" path (lib vs lib64) for
things like {pmlogger,pmie}_{daily,check} is unfortunate -they
often run from cron and sourcing /etc/pcp.conf isn't so simple
there, but changing it again would be painful too.

Long-term its probably best to switch to libexec though (d'oh).



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