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Mark Goodwin goodwinos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 18:38:22 CST 2009

Hi Ken, could you repost this please, there's a "Cheers, Ken" in
the middle of the message and another one at the end, so I'm not
sure if we got the whole lot.

-- Mark

Ken McDonell wrote:
> I'm returning to one of the PCP "holy grails" ... derived metrics.
> For those who've not been down this tortured path before, the idea is
> that one could define one or more derived metrics in terms of an
> arithmetic expression over existing metrics, and values for the derived
> metrics would be available just like regular PCP metrics.
> The most common examples are ...
>       * the requirement to compute something that is "delta(value) /
>         delta(other_value)", e.g. average time per message where both
>         "time" and "number of messages" are counters
>       * aggregation of existing metrics, e.g. "messages" being the sum
>         of synchronous and asynchrous message sent and received, or
>         total packet rate across all gigE interfaces
> This all belongs per PMAPI client, so it works for performance metrics
> from pmcd and from archives.  Another reason for this being a
> client-side feature is that it should be available without access to, or
> the capability to, reconfigure the PMDAs and/or pmcd on the collector
> system. And finally the stateful computation of delta(value
> Let me know your thoughts.
> Cheers, Ken.
> ) / delta(other_value) can only be sensibly done at the per-process
> level on the client side.
> So one could consider a derived metrics module to be an old SysV-style
> streams module that has a private configuration file and is inserted
> between a PMAPI client and the source of PCP metrics.
> I'd like some initial feedback on the following set of initial
> limitations and assumptions.
>      1. Only works for platforms with ELF binaries.  I'm planning to use
>         $LD_PRELOAD to optionally insert a DSO between the PCP client
>         and libpcp.so to intercept calls and rewrite them as needed.
>      2. Only guaranteed to work for the synchronous PMAPI variants.  So
>         for example I'll make pmLookupName() work, but invest no effort
>         in the asynchronous pair pmRequestNames() and pmReceiveNames().
>         As an aside does any know of a living user of these asynchronous
>         interface extensions to the original PMAPI?
>      3. Configuration file pathname comes via a new PCP environment
>         variable, probably $PCP_DERIVED_CONFIG.
>      4. No recursive definitions.  Each derived metric is an expression
>         involving metrics that are NOT derived.
>      5. Performance is not an issue.  Some of the re-writing is not
>         going to be cheap, especially in terms of the demands on
>         *alloc().
> Some of this is piggy-backing on knowledge gained from the recent
> dynamic PMNS changes in terms, although the implementation is disjoint.
> I have the bones of a proof of concept implementation, so there is a
> real chance it may happen this time around.
> Let me know your thoughts.
> Cheers, Ken.
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