[pcp] pcp-gui updates (1.4.4)

Nathan Scott nscott at aconex.com
Thu Jul 30 23:50:32 CDT 2009

Changes committed to git://oss.sgi.com/pcp/pcp-gui.git

 VERSION                   |    2 
 debian/changelog          |    6 +
 debian/control            |    2  
 debian/rules              |    1  
 doc/CHANGES               |   11 +++
 src/chart/chart.cpp       |   22 +++++-
 src/chart/chart.h         |    3       
 src/chart/chartdialog.cpp |  156 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-----------
 src/chart/chartdialog.h   |   11 ++-                                           
 src/chart/chartdialog.ui  |   86 +++++++++++++++++++++++++                     
 src/chart/pmchart.cpp     |   54 +++++----------                               
 src/chart/pmchart.h       |    2                                               
 12 files changed, 277 insertions(+), 79 deletions(-)                           

commit f017ad6cfc862e644f91a4a932ced750a7ded74a
Author: Nathan Scott <nathans at debian.org>      
Date:   Fri Jul 31 14:40:22 2009 +1000         

    Bump stable pcp-gui version to 1.4.4

commit de3a291e2d5dd8b5a43e56389233d7876f76a93f
Author: Nathan Scott <nathans at debian.org>      
Date:   Fri Jul 31 14:38:10 2009 +1000         

    Update debian packaging - standard version, and remove deprecated call to dh_desktop.

commit 9bbbc0f0623aaa28869ad9373236bd6370111be8
Author: Nathan Scott <nathans at debian.org>      
Date:   Fri Jul 31 14:22:13 2009 +1000         

    Further win32 default font tweakery

commit 8dc244dc45802ba4335c9fd6d0e32ddb147d5465
Author: Nathan Scott <nathans at debian.org>
Date:   Fri Jul 31 12:55:57 2009 +1000

    Resolve state transition problems in the Edit Chart dialog.

    Addresses bugzilla bug 843 - "New: Confused state of AutoScale
    and Min/Max fields".  Rework the dialog reset() logic, keeping
    all UI setup logic together in one place, and splitting up the
    New/Edit functionality to make it clearer which is being done.

commit 538d0ef75b23b843a87fda2067b848963395a3dd
Author: Nathan Scott <nathans at debian.org>
Date:   Fri Jul 31 08:20:41 2009 +1000

    Add an "Apply" button to Create/Edit chart dialogs.

    This allows quicker creation of multiple charts, saving time
    on the intermediate steps of calling up the dialog multiple
    times for each new chart.  Editing is also improved as the
    user gets immediate feedback to the effect of each change.

    Secondly, added a UI element allowing New charts to be non-
    rate-converted, as requested by Paul Smith.

    Thirdly. tweaked default font size on Windows - now we use
    the same as Mac OS X there, which is slightly larger than is
    used on Linux.

    Fourthly, fixed a bug where pressing OK on New Chart with no
    selected metrics would popup an error, but continue creating
    an (empty) new chart anyway.

    These changes all overlap, unfortuately, so no single commit.
    Finally, add some diagnostics to try figure out why resizing
    goes so quickly past the screen height on Mac OS X (but not
    on Linux/X11 - oddly).

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