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Linux on SGI/MIPS Projects

Linux XFS filesystem support

SGI is currently porting the XFS filesystem to Linux. As far as I know it's working and seems to be pretty stable too. You will be able to read Irix partitions with this driver. If you're interested in XFS please take a look at the project site .

Linux EFS filesystem support

April 1999 update: Al Smith has joined Mike Shaver who has contributed some significant fixes to EFS extents before. Al added his own fixes and actually managed to sneak some crucial patches into the 2.2.5-acX kernel snaphots supporting EFS. Thanks Al !

Although Mike and Al are progressing at a reasonable rate there's no reason why other people can't help out. If you're interested (and have experience in filesystems) drop a line to either Ariel Faigon or Mike Shaver. If you've got a brand new Visual Workstation running x86/Linux on it wouldn't it be great if you could read/write those efs disks from IRIX?

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